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5 Tip For A Successful Dress Shopping Experience

5 Tip for a Successful Dress Shopping Experience

With busy season upon us and so many brides getting engaged, I thought it would be wise to pass along 5 tips for a successful dress shopping experience.

  1.  Bring your “special” people with you…even if you plan on not purchasing.  Your special people include moms, grandmas, best friends, maid-of-honors…and sometimes even dad.  They are the person who will give you the support in saying YES to your dress.   Brides come in all the time alone, with friends, etc not thinking they are going to find the dress.  When they do find the dress, they are disappointed they didn’t bring that special person!
  2. Don’t feel the need to visit every place in town!  Do your research and go to 1-2 of the shops that you feel would be the best fit with what you are looking for and your personality.  There are big differences from store to store in environment, selection, experienced consultants, etc which can hinder your search and make the process unenjoyable.
  3. Be open to other options besides what you see on Pinterest.  Your pinned dresses might not be what you feel best in!  Be open to trying all options on.  You never know what the dress will feel like on your body.   If you have an experienced consultant, she will make the process very easy and make sure you find the dress of your dreams!
  4. Shop early!!  We recommend finding your dress 12 months or more before your wedding date.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough so why add the stress of a tight timeline {i.e.. shipping delays, expedited alterations, etc}.  Within that 12 months, it allows 6-9 months for the ordering/delivering of the dress and 2-3 months for alterations which will create a much more relaxed process for the bride.
  5. Trust your consultant! If you shop at the right store, your consultant will have your best interests at heart.  From the moment you walk in to the store until the day you are walking down the aisle, she is your “partner” in the process.  Your consultant is an expert on silhouettes, fabrics, trends, etc and she will ask you the important questions to narrow the inventory to your one dress.  Some moments can be stressful but she is her to help minimize the stress and make your journey as smooth as possible.

Our passion is Bridal!  We feel so blessed to help our brides find THE dress.  This is not something we take lightly and we thank our existing POSH brides and all the new ones we will see during this upcoming busy season for offering us the opportunity to be included!


Marie ~ xo

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