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The Dough Room Debuts In Wayzata
photo credit: MSP Magazine

The Dough Room Debuts in Wayzata

With a variety of options, ranging from refined French food from Bellecour to inventive Japanese dishes at Sushi fix, there seems to be a diverse and creative food scene that is all conveniently placed in Downtown Wayzata. Recently, The Dough Room has joined this scene. Located in The Promenade, The Dough Room is walking distance from the all the downtown Wayzata stores and activities. The Dough Room adheres to typical Italian tradition, serving pizza and pasta dishes served in established form, but it also devotes an entire section of their menu to meat focused dishes.

At the heart of The Dough Room menu is an extensive pizza menu, so naturally that is where I ordered from. I chose both the Margherita ($16) and Salumi ($19). With simplistic and nuanced ingredients, I was completed infatuated by the flavors in the Margherita. Consisting of only tomato, vinegar, burrata, parmesan, and basil, the simplicity of the recipes allowed for each individual flavor to effortlessly shine through.

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is comfortable, casual, and inviting. Waiters and waitresses are hospitable and attentive, making the dining experience a lot more enjoyable.

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Welcome to the neighborhood!!

xo The Posh Girls

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