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Engaged {Real Bride Jennifer & Bill}

Engaged {Real Bride Jennifer & Bill}

One of our favorite things about what we do is hearing our sweet brides engagement and how me met stories!  We are thrilled to feature our real bride to be, Jennifer!  Congrats to you and Bill, we can’t wait to see wedding photos after your big day!




-How did you meet your fiance? HINGE! An app that matches you with your Facebook friend’s friends! I was super skeptical of apps and was just dating to date and stopped dating anyone else after I met my fiance, Bill 🙂  His childhood friend happened to be my college friend! Small world!
-How did your fiance propose? My selfless fiance proposed on HIS birthday! Before then, I tried to get his family from Iowa to join us for a birthday weekend but they all had plans. So I was driving to his place in Uptown to meet him for lunch. Naturally, I was running behind an hour (whoops) while he was waiting nervously. It was a gross day – downpouring! When I got there, he came out to meet me with an umbrella. I asked him to grab my bag and met him on the sidewalk and noticed he didn’t grab it. Then I noticed his brother on the porch of the wrong house and instantly got confused. What is going on?! Then, in the rain, he looked at me and got on one knee. First I said, ARE YOU F*ing KIDDING ME? Then I asked, did you already ask my dad? Finally, I said yes and out came his cousin, who photographed the whole thing for us (dreamy picture attached). Later, his family joined us for a night of celebrating.
-Tell us about your said YES moment at Posh? Who did you work with? How did you know it was the one? Etc.
I went to Posh with my two bridesmaids, my mom, AND my dad. It meant a lot for me for my dad to be apart of the experience because he’s been a part of all of my big moments and his approval meant a lot to me (naturally he liked every dress I tried). I tried on multiple dresses, all of them I really liked, but I couldn’t quite say yes to any of them. I am a super indecisive person, give me two options and it’ll take forever for me to decide. So with all of the beautiful dresses, I just couldn’t say yes to one because I liked them all in different ways. I tried more and more on, bless my consultant’s heart for my indecisiveness. At this point, I was sure that I wasn’t going to be saying yes to one, even after trying on one a few times, one with a veil, and so on. Then she came with another dress. I will never forget this moment because it was so unexpected but I stood on the pedestal and looked at myself, speechless. As everyone oohed and awwed, I completely blanked out and started BAWLING. It was one of the most emotional experiences EVER. I never thought I would be the girl to cry, especially after liking s   o many dresses, but this one truly left me speechless. That’s when I knew it was my dress.
Did you find your dress at our Wayzata or Nashville location?
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