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Why I Believe EVERY Bride Should Use A Wedding Planner!

Why I believe EVERY bride should use a Wedding Planner!

The Posh Team LOVES the talented, experienced Wedding Planners in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  So much that we have a private event next week called Pop.  Fizz.  Plan. to pamper them after the busy summer wedding season!  The night will be fantastic with champagne, treats, live music & of course a massage therapist to take some of that busy season stress away!  All as a token of our appreciation for everything they do for our Posh Brides!

Wedding Planners are seen as only an option for higher priced budgets but that is no longer the case!  There are many packages that range from full planning all the way to just day of planning that will fit in any budget!

With that said, here are the 5 reasons why I think EVERY bride should use a Wedding Planner!

  1.  They save you money ~ Wedding planners do this every day, all day.  They understand the costs involved and know the ways to cut costs, negotiate packages, etc.
  2. They save you time ~ Wedding planners will cut hours and hours from your organization. They can spend hours researching (or they already have for other clients) instead of you.  They know the fastest, most efficient way to deliver the vision you have for your special day.
  3. They cut down on your stress ~  Wedding planners take on the burden of the process so you can relax.  Lots of issues arise during the planning of a wedding and the Wedding planner can problem solve so you don’t have to.  They make the process smooth and relaxing so you enjoy it instead of feeling overwhelmed.
  4. They bring years of experience & connections ~ Wedding planners have the best connections!  They literally know everybody in the industry.  This is a useful tool to find the best pricing, call in favors & have the best options available for you when you are deciding on what vendors to use.
  5. They allow you to enjoy every moment without interruption on your wedding day ~ Wedding planners run every detail on the day of.  They put out every fire too.  The best part of using a planner is almost every issue that arrises on your wedding day, you won’t even know about and that is how it should be.  The bride should be able to focus on her groom, her guests and truly enjoy the energy, effort and journey of this amazing marriage.

I believe every bride DESERVES a wedding planner.  There’s always enough to cut out in other areas to accommodate hiring a planner!  We have a list of fabulous planners at both locations that we would be happy to share!!

Marie ~ xo

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