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Married! {Real Bride Amanda}

Married! {Real Bride Amanda}

Our bride’s wedding day photos are the BEST!  Even better when we get to hear some of the details of their big day!  Congrats Amanda!  And your funniest wedding day moment is the greatest!  Such a fun idea, even better getting to see the photo 😉 Read all about this story, other wedding day moments and advice for brides to be below!




From Amanda…
Most memorable wedding day moment: SO many to choose from it’s so difficult… but finally being able to walk down the stairs and see Eric on our wedding day, was by far the best. There had been many texts from him sent to the ladies in my wedding party, asking where to be, what to do, trying to make sure he was doing everything perfectly on our wedding day, that finally getting to see him for our first look and assure him that all was going well and that we’d soon be married… By far the best feeling all while showing off in my dress 🙂
Funniest wedding day moment: The funniest is an easy one… We had a great part of our ceremony lined up for our “unity” portion. Instead of lighting a candle, or pouring sand we decided we wanted to incorporate something that was meaningful to us/and signified our relationship. My husband and I love to visit breweries and we’ve kept track of all of the ones we’ve been to. So we decided to do a beer pouring, and join two beers in to one in order to make a black and tan…… Problem was, we forgot the beer!! So we had a good laugh in the middle of our ceremony while we poured coors lights into a glass….. but something everyone definitely still remembers from our day!
-How you felt in your wedding dress: Absolutely amazing… I had my dress zipped up in the hallway, and then entered the bridal room to see all of my bridesmaids at once, and it all finally felt real at that moment. Then after my reveal, we realized I needed to have my veil put on, so I stepped in front of the big mirror in the bridal room, and my bridesmaid Keli attached my veil. When I turned around and saw myself in the mirror in my dress the pieces of the puzzle finally fit together. I had my “bridal moment” and I knew that my dress had turned out perfectly.
-Advice you have for brides to be about their big day: I’ve given my friends who have gotten married since, lots of advice! Making a plan ahead of time, and trying to think of plan B’s always helps. I also have told ALL of my friends now, MAKE SURE you put someone in charge of taking a (good) photo on their phone or camera of yourself and your new husband. I didn’t have one picture of the two of us the day after our wedding, and it felt like centuries waiting to get our professional photos back. So now I always make sure to snap a photo of the bride and groom and send it to them immediately so that the next day they have a great photo to look back on right away. 🙂 I’ve also told people that on the day of, don’t sweat the small stuff. Wake up, and know at the end of the day no matter what you’ll end up married. Something is going to go wrong, it always does but if you just let it slide and push it to the side you’re going to have a much more fun, relaxing and enjoyable day. (your wedding party will thank you for this too!!)
-Favorite moment as a Posh bride: Standing in the store, and not wanting to take my dress off! When I choose “the one” I was buying it off the rack during a trunk sale, and they had to remind me to take it off so that we could leave the store, but that I got to take the dress with me! Haha!! Also loved that Posh allowed us to have bubbly and celebrate after I said yes to the dress!!
-Did you find your dress at our Wayzata or Nashville location?: Wayzata MN!
Our photographers were through George Street Photography
Location/Venue: Historic John P. Furber Farm Cottage Grove, MN.
Thank you Amanda!
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