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Say YES To Your Sample Dress!

Say YES to your sample dress!

I was pretty excited when we first opened The Posh Rack in Wayzata.  It was a separate location down the street from Posh Bridal and was a very “simple” concept for bridal gown shopping.  After 2 years, things have sure changed!  The Posh Rack is now open in both Wayzata & Nashville and the environment, collection of dresses and service are the exact same as you would receive a tPosh Bridal Couture.

We often receive the question….”What is the difference between Posh Bridal and The Posh Rack?” so I figured it was time to do a blog post about the differences between the two stores and why we love having both of them to service our Posh Brides.

Posh Bridal Couture

  • All dresses & accessories are ordered brand new from the designer
  • Dresses are ordered in your “pattern” size so that it is the closest fit possible to your measurements
  • Dresses take 4-6 months to arrive after ordering so ordering early is important
  • Many times, we are able to “customize” the dress by adding sleeves, changing necklines, etc.
  • Dresses can be ordered in sizes 0-30
  • Dresses range in price from $1800-$10,000

The Posh Rack

  • All dresses & accessories are off-the-rack and as-is
  • We are not a consignment shop.  The dresses are samples, discontinued styles, ordering errors, damaged styles, etc. that come from the Posh Bridal Couture inventory.
  • Dresses are taken with you that SAME day so it works perfect for shorter timelines
  • Brides are able to get great deals on couture gowns & accessories with many being discounted 30-70% off
  • Brides are able to make changes to the dresses through alterations rather than through ordering
  • Sample dresses range in size from 0-26 with most of the dresses in 6-16.  Wedding dresses are made to be altered so brides can feel comfortable with a sample size much larger and alter it down.
  • Dresses range in price from $500-$4500
  • All of our collections are available to be viewed online ~

The Posh Rack is located down the hall from our Wayzata location and inside our Nashville location.  This allows our brides to shop both collections at ease with a better opportunity to find the PERFECT dress!

The Posh Rack – Wayzata:  952-249-8002     Nashville:  629-888-4532


Marie ~ xo



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