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Tips For A Successful Dress Shopping Experience

Tips for a Successful Dress Shopping Experience

We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions we hear from our brides about dress shopping to help you prepare for your dress appointment!


How far in advance should I purchase my dress?
We typically recommend 9-12 months out from your wedding date. You never know what designer you are going to fall in love with and what their timing might be. It’s never too early to say yes to your dress! If you are having a shorter engagement, we can always accommodate any timeline.

What should I expect to spend on my dress?
Think of a price range that you are truly comfortable with. On average most brides dedicate 8-10% of their wedding budget towards their dress. Always be open and honest with your consultant about this. First and foremost, we always want to respect the range you want to be in! We carry beautiful gowns to accommodate a wide range of price points. No matter what you want to spend you will find the dress of your dreams!

How should I prepare for my appointment?
Take a little time and look at photos to get an idea of what fabrics and design details you might be interested in. Don’t let yourself get stuck on a photo of a dress, use them to help guide you to finding what elements you like! Also be ready to tell us all about your wedding! We LOVE to hear about every little detail about your vision! It helps us get to know you and ultimately find THE dress!

Who should I bring to my appointment?
Bring who you want to be there when you say YES to the dress! Think less is more. Having too many opinions can make it difficult for brides to really focus in on what their opinion is of a dress. If you have important people to you that are unable to attend, see if they can be available via FaceTime or at least able to check for text messages! We love seeing brides involve their loved ones this way!

How should I expect my appointment to go?
You should EXPECT to find your dress! Whether it’s your first appointment or your fifth, finding your dress should be easy! You will sit down one on one with your educated consultant so they can get to know you, learn about your wedding and what you want to walk down the isle in. Your consultant will pick a few dresses to start with, trust them with this. They know the inventory and likely know what your dress will be even before you do! Expect to relax, have fun and celebrate finding THE dress!

This is my first appointment, is it really possible to find my dress right away?
Absolutely! Less is more in bridal, it’s not about “shopping”. It’s about finding the one dress you see yourself getting married in. Between our selection and educated consultants, most brides find their dress within the original first three they try on! You will find that after trying on 5-6 you will be ready to say YES! Trying too many on can end up being overwhelming and can take away from the initial excitement.

What happens after I say YES to my dress?
First, we CELEBRATE! Enjoy the moment, you just found your dress! Once you’ve been able to soak up the moment, your consultant will take your measurements to size you on your designer’s size chart. After this they will walk you through the contract, take payment and make things official! We’ll celebrate some more and then you’re off to continue on to the next stages of wedding planning!

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