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What to expect from your first bridal gown appointment at POSH!

Are you in the process of getting the dress of your dreams? We want to help you get to know the process and know what to expect during the special time that is wedding planning and dress shopping. Here at Posh Bridal we are known for making our brides feel special and comfortable. Some things to expect from you bridal gown appointment are below.

Think out of the box!  

During our appointments you should expect to try on dresses that might not be in your Pinterest board as well as gowns that might be out of your comfort zone. We truly believe that all of our brides look beautiful in all of our dresses but by doing this we are able to rule out the dresses in which you don’t feel comfortable in or don’t like. 

Get Naked!

Another thing you can expect from your wedding gown appointment is to get naked in front of someone. The stylists go inside the dressing room with you to help you get inside the dresses and clamp you if the dress doesn’t fit right. If you don’t feel comfortable with the stylist being in there with you, you can let her know. In this case you would get in the dress and the stylist will come in once you are ready to zip up the dress. 

Not just the right size! 

Some dresses will not fight perfectly. Some might be too big and some might be too small. Here at Posh for every bride to try on a feel comfortable in but keep in mind that not every dress will be the right size for you. We will clamp you in and get creative with extra fabric to ensure you can still see what the gown looks like in your size. I recommend letting your stylist know if you don’t feel comfortable walking out in the gown you are currently wearing. 

Get to know you! 

You can also expect your stylist to ask a lot of questions about your fiance and your relationship. We want to get to know you so we can get a feel of your personality and to make you feel comfortable. Once you are outside on the podium the stylist will ask you many questions about the dress you are in, especially for the first few. All these questions will guide us to your dress. We also want to hear from your party, we want to know what they feel about the dress, but at the end of the day it’s going to be your decision and how you feel in the dresses. 

Be prepared to say YES!

Finally, expect to find your wedding dress on your first appointment. We understand that many brides are wanting to shop for the experience but as a bride myself I can tell you that it can get overwhelming and at the end of the day you will always be comparing all the other dresses to that first dress you tried on. It has been proven that brides find their dream dress among the first three dresses they try on. It’s not weird and it’s not crazy.  If you go to the right store, the process is easy!! 

I hope we’ve helped you understand the process and you have more knowledge on what to expect on your wedding dress appointments. We want to help give you the best experience possible.

xo, The Posh Team


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